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Many of our vendors accept custom orders - just ask!

Photo: Irish Rose Bakery (Past Vendor)

Ethnic delicacies are popular gifts!

Photo:  Clover Pastries (Past Vendor)

Artisan bread baked in a wood-fired oven.

Photo: Hains House Artisan Bakery (Past vendor)

Treats for young and old alike.

Expand your flavor horizons with new spices.

Photo: The Kitchen Imp (Past vendor)

In-season berry pie and hand-made crust.

Photo: Pies By Barbara (Past Vendor)

Soup mixes, spice packets carefully crafted for freshness and hearty tastes!

Photo:  Thyme & Season (Past Vendor)

Family recipe hot chocolate mix.  Yummy!

Photo:  Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate (Past Vendor)

Handmade chocolate truffles, made in small batches.

Photo:  Trevani Truffles (Past Vendor)

Vendors setting up in the big bright space we call home.  Every Market day is as exciting as the 1st!

Northwest Arts Center in Bellevue

Just one example of our vendors' loving handiwork.

Photo:  Shoebox Baking Company (Past Vendor)

The Spring 2014 

Cottage Bakers & Foodcrafters Market

scheduled for May 3rd has been cancelled.

  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We hope

to be back soon - bigger & stronger!


 Thank you so much for your support in 2013, our inaugural year.  Our vendors continue to be a source of inspiration for focusing on our goal of promoting local artisan bakers, cottage food crafters and small food businesses! 


 Northwest Arts Center

9825 NE 24th Street, Bellevue, WA 98004


The Cottage Bakers & Food-Crafters Market in Bellevue, WA is where you will find delightful sweet and savory specialty foods, healthy treats, beverages and ethnic delicacies - all under one roof.   

At this unique indoor market, a select group  of local bakers and artisan food crafters gather to sell traditional classics and some new favorites, freshly-made and handcrafted in small batches.

Join us and have fun shopping for a simple treat or a centerpiece desert that will make your meal,  party, wedding reception, holiday gathering, family get-together or company event truly special.        

Our vendors offer traditional  baked goods, and some also make gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan products!    Many vendors also accept custom orders...just ask!

Support your local small food business entrepreneurs!

9825 NE 24th Street, Bellevue, WA

In The Press

  In the Bellevue Reporter  See page 8.  "Small Business Bakers..."

Photo:  Hains House Artisan Bread

Our market is mentioned on Page 39 of the May 2013 issue of Edible Seattle magazine!

A Post featuring Cottage Bakers Market from local food blog, 

Photo:  Cakepop Mania


What are Cottage Foods?

~ Cottage Food Operation Permit ~

In 2011, the WA legislature revised state law to create alternatives for small food business entrepreneurs.  The Cottage Food Operation Permit allows for low-risk

food products to be made in a home domestic kitchen and be sold directly to the consumer.  This practice was previously not allowed as a Food Processing License.  This law has helped create a new category of value-added food products that can be sold from home, at farmers markets, bazaars & the Cottage Bakers & Foodcrafters Market.

~ Information Session ~

  • Representatives from the WSDA Food Safety and Consumer Services Division, which is the entity implementing the Cottage Food Law, were invited by Cottage Bakers Market to hold a helpful and fact-filled session at the Bellevue Public Library.  Topics covered included 
  • application process, 
  • allowable foods, 
  • labeling requirements, 
  • kitchen conditions and equipment
  • safe food handling practices,
  • fees, and many others.