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      To reflect the true variety of our food artisans, the Cottage Bakers Market is going to be changing its name to Cottage Bakers and Food-crafters Market.


       The Cottage Bakers Market was inspired by the idea of combining a scaled down version of traditional markets with the desire to provide an interactive venue just for small-business bakers (especially those with no brick-and-mortar outlets) to sell their products directly to customers in local neighborhoods.  It seemed like a perfect idea for the Northwest, because here we have food-savvy consumers and we have a happily growing artisan-baker and food-crafter community.

       Why not get the two groups together, we asked ourselves?  Like farmers who come in from outlying areas to sell at farmers markets, why not bring bakers who are passionate about their craft from around the community to gather in one spot and make it that much more convenient for shoppers?  Why not present a beautiful variety of goodies like cookies, pies, confections, pastries, candies, breads and things along those lines, including gluten-free and special diet products, most made with locally sourced, natural ingredients?  And while we're at it, why not tweak the farmers market concept by moving it indoors!  So the Cottage Bakers Market idea evolved and came to be... but it was still just an idea.  After enthusiastically describing our idea to a few friends, some bakers, venue managers, a local small food business consultant and fellow members on a couple of Cottage Food websites, we discovered all these people agreed with us that the Bakers Market was a viable and promising concept. 

      2013 is our inaugural year and we are very excited to be introducing the first Cottage Bakers Market. which happened in May - just in time for Mother's Day!   The next Market dates will be in May 2014, just in time for Mothers Day!  Check back for updates.

      We are all about delicious, unique, freshly-made, small-batch goodies!*  


      Note added on July 8, 2013:  Our cast of vendors has expanded to include entrepreneurs I admiringly describe as "food-crafters".  Cottage bakers remain the inspiriation for the Market, but vendor opportunities are open to non-bakers as well!


                                                                                                       See you at the Market!



 P.S. * If this is what you're all about, too, we invite you to submit a Vendor Application or contact us with any questions. We'd love to hear from you.